Bunny Madison, Tommy Pistol - The Game 4K 2160p Date 2024-02-22

Bunny Madison, Tommy Pistol - The Game 4K 2160pBunny Madison, Tommy Pistol - The Game 2160p

Release Year: 2024-02-22
Cast: Bunny Madison, Tommy Pistol
Genres: MILF, Blonde, Cum in Mouth, Big Tits, Hardcore

Lizzie (Bunny Madison) arrives for a job interview with Thomas (Tommy Pistol), applying for a secretary position, but he notes after examining her application: "Not much experience". She admits that's true but her recommendation comes from no less than the president of the company, who happens to be her father.Lizzie turns the tables on him, asking about his wife. Thomas is nonplussed, but remains cordial, as clearly the usual power relationship in such a meeting has been reversed. She toys with him, indicating she's looking for a mature man, and is attracted to him. Frequently smiling nervously, he tries to retain his composure and asks her if she's just playing games with him. Lizzie gets up to leave abruptly, but he stops her, wanting to continue the interview.Lizzie continues flirting with him, and remains completely in control of the situation, putting Thomas on the defensive. When she brings up the possibility of telling her daddy that he tried to seduce her during the interview, he's really on the spot. What to do? "I love my wife and my job", Thomas protests, but she won't let him off the hook, even raising her skirt as an invitation."Why me?" "You're a good man -a family man, a challenge, and besides, I like you Tommy", she replies. Tommy. She calls him with the familiarity of his friends or his wife. As he continues to stress how much he loves his wife and how uncomfortable this interview has become, Lizzie moves over and closes his laptop, and begins rubbing Thomas' knee as she talks suggestively. She unbuttons his slacks, purring: "When was the last time a woman took your big, hard cock in her mouth?". As she begins stroking his cock, Lizzie stops, and says: "I should probably go. I don't want you to do anything that you would regret. Your wife is probably at home waiting for you".She heads for the door to leave, but Thomas springs up and grabs her arm to stop her. They kiss, and he begins fondling her luscious breast. He anxiously removes his pants, and she begins sucking him off in earnest, nearly choking on it. Watch the naughty homewrecker scene unfold...

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Date: 2024-02-22
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Bunny Madison, Tommy Pistol - The Game 4K 2160p
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